Biore Announces $20,000 grant to go to Top Female Emerging Artist

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A bad splash page design for an arts prize

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I suppose you’ll just have to get past the fact that Biore titles their new grant program for women artists the “Uncover Discover Program“, as they’re offering $20,000 and a trip to New York to the winners in each category film, fashion, music, and art. According to the entrance requirements, artists can not be represented by a major gallery in a top five U.S. market, (so for example, those who show in New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and LA at a major gallery do not qualify,) and must make wall mountable work in the mediums of photography, painting or mixed-media. This unfortunately eliminates sculptors and most new media artists, a common problem for those working in the field. For the rest of you wishing to apply, I encourage it, but note two potential caveats. One, I spoke to their publicist and asked them who was on their review panel, and was told it wouldn’t be confirmed until after the submissions had been received. This doesn’t make much sense to me since most artists want to know who will be looking at their work prior to applying. It indicates the level of seriousness of the competition, and helps applicants put together submissions. Two, upon entering, artists must agree to give Biore the right to cut, edit, and reformat their work. I suspect this clause was meant to be applied to those entering the film category, but I can’t help but be wary of anyone who wants to edit a painting for the purposes of presentation.

With that said, the competition looks like a great opportunity for emerging female artists. $20,000 can really make a lot of difference, particularly early on in a career, so my advice is to apply.

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