Rabble Radio Podcasts Meet Art Fag City and Phil Grauer of Canada

by Art Fag City on April 3, 2007 Events

rabble radio

Listening to my own voice has about as much appeal as being locked in a room with Eric Fischl for 24 hours, but it would appear both are something I’m willing to do if the result represents a blog worthy post. Unfortunately, I don’t have an interview with Mr. Fischl to share as of yet, (I hear he’s dying to speak with me,) but the discussion I ran here and here last month about art fair politics with Phil Grauer of Canada, is now mixed and edited for your listening pleasure at rabbleradio.ca. Hosted by Meagan Perry, and Wayne McPhail the podcast covers a variety of topics beginning with Keith Gottschalk’s thoughts on Scooter Libby (1:15-5:01), and leading into programming that includes myself (5:43-14:53), the band Do Make Say Think (15:04-18:25), Chad Oberg on architecture and virtual space in Secondlife (24:15- 28:33) and Reel Women on the killing floor, via Fast Food Nation. (28:40- 33:52). Podcast link here.

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