The Musical Background of Photographer Gregory Crewdson

by Art Fag City on April 3, 2007 Events

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Inspired by Personism’s post on The Speedies, a mediocre power pop band formed in the seventies whose members included the now famous photographer Gregory Crewdson on guitar, I plugged the name into youtube to see what I could find. Not surprisingly I came up with something as their site discusses their “quiet resurgence” in 2005, (which as far as I can tell means releasing two archived videos and a compilation CD.)

And then nothing turns itself inside outAs far as canonical music goes, I’m not convinced The Speedies are the great long lost treasure now found that their site suggests, but it does lead me to wonder whether Crewdson’s background introduced him to Yo La Tengo  prior to his artistic contribution to their 2000 album And Then Nothing Turns Itself Inside Out. As recent history suggests, Crewdson and Yo La Tengo collaborated at exactly the right moment in their respective careers, as that album represents some of my favorite work of each artist. I have little good to say about Crewdson’s latest overly cinematic photos and Yo La Tengo’s disappointing album of 2006 I’m Not Afraid of You and Will Beat Your Ass.

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