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by Art Fag City on April 6, 2007 Posting Notice

I guess technically today’s a holiday so it’s not like I need to be posting any notices here, but seeing as how I’ll be out of town on business I’m just going to assume not everybody has it off. Here are a few choice music videos to take you into the long weekend, (people using newsreaders will have to click through for the videos as always)

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Jack to the Sound of the Underground via: Jeff Sisson

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This video features The Nihilist Spasm Band (comprised of Canadian art stars, John Clement, Art Pratten, Bill Exley, Murray Favro, and John Boyle) demonstrating how to use various non-traditional instruments to make music on a Japanese television show. The hosts clearly don’t know what to make of the noise band at all. They’ve cracked a few jokes, but unless you understand Japanese you’ll not get them.

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Deerhoof’s Kidz Are So Small animated video. Via: Drawn!

And as a special Easter bonus this commercial for Golden Gate Funeral Homes is especially sweet. Via George Hotelling.

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