On the Bright Side, At Least You’re Not a Cocksucker

by Art Fag City on April 9, 2007 Events

Normally, I don’t find much of interest in Rolling Stone Magazine, but March 22nd’s article “It’s Hard Out There for a Dick” (available in the print version only) caught my eye as Matt Taibbi goes so far as to call Vice President Dick Cheney a “bloodless, vicious cocksucker.” I bring the matter up, not because I disagree with Taibbi, but because last week in conversation somebody questioned the appropriateness of my post titled “Finding Art That Won’t Depreciate in Value Less than a Minute After its Purchase“, and the two pieces have the tenuous connection of boldness in expression.  That said, while I understand my titling may seem overly harsh especially to those who were reviewed negatively, but let’s not forget that a) it’s an accurate summation of the post and b) it’s not like I’m calling anyone, say, a cocksucker. I’m saving that jewel for another post.

Side note: Probably the biggest down side to purchasing tickets to see the Pixies play a couple years ago lies in the fact that it got me a life subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine. That I have not paid for this privilege does not seem concern them as I reliably receive their publication every two weeks.

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