Attention Font Nerds: An Exposé on Comic Sans and GE Inspira

by Art Fag City on April 26, 2007 · 2 comments Events

A good friend pointed me to an article at Earz Magazine today titled “Why Ban Comic Sans”, which naturally led me to Google the term “Comic Sans”. The result of the search revealed a mass of negativity on the web surrounding the use of the font. For example, “The beloved font of teachers and school administration officials and people who think it looks like friendly and approachable handwriting” says Lone Prairie Blog who concludes “except it DOESN’T LOOK LIKE HANDWRITING AT ALL. IT LOOKS STUPID.”

Those trained in typography can ignore this next observation as I’m sure there are plenty of holes to be found, but I bring up the subject of Comic Sans because it vaguely reminds me of the proprietary typeface developed for General Electric by Michael Abbink, Inspira. Whether or not the relationship is a strong as I am making it out to be, I can’t help but find it endlessly amusing that the corporate branding of a multinational company could evoke, you know, Archie and Veronica books. Not surprisingly, according to Wikipedia GE’s perspective on branding reads some what differently, characterizing the font as “clear, precise and modern.” I guess they work with a relatively loose definition of modern.

In other news, if you’re finding AFC a lighter read than usual, please be advised that more substantial posting about fine art is forthcoming in the new week.

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