Art Intercom: An Interview Series with the iCommons Artists in Residence. Featuring Art Collective MTAA (Part Two of Two)

by Art Fag City on May 8, 2007 Events

MTAA's, Karaoke Death MatchPart two of my interview series is now up on the icommons blog. The teaser immediately follows below with a link to the full interview.

The following is the second post in a two part interview with conceptual art collective MTAA. I discuss specific works and what the collective has planned for the iCommons Summit. We concluded part one of the interview talking about how MTAA define the workings of a 'collaboration', and the discussion continues below. (Read part one of two in this series here.)

T.Whid: So we're making this new graphic illustration or diagram and my first inclination was that I don't really need to collaborate with the people running the Summit. It's like, I'm giving them this thing, and they can do with it what they will. But at the same time, I want it used there, so I guess I have to be proactive in asking for certain things.

AFC: Right, but just to be clear on collaboration at the Summit, when you get there you're doing some sort of collaborative project are you not?

Image via FurdisT.Whid: I guess. But we're not sure what that is yet! So then this other piece we're thinking about doing is this thing called On Kawara Update, which we had done a few years ago, and it lived on Rhizome's site for a while and then it broke when they reconfigured their web server so we decided we would have to remake it at some point”¦ The way that piece works is that it updates [the conceptual artist] On Kawara's dating process, so you go to a web page and it displays the date for that day. If you click on the date, you'll see news stories from that day, and then there's an archive where you can go back and see other days. Because the way On Kawara's paintings work is that he'd paint a painting that day and then he'd package it in a box with news clippings from where he was that day.

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