The Brooklyn Museum Doesn’t Like the Word Bitch

by Art Fag City on May 8, 2007 · 1 comment Events


The Brainstormers performing at the Brooklyn Museum’s first Saturdays. Photo AFC

Let’s take a look at an excerpt from feminist art collective The Brainstormers questionaire presented at the Brooklyn Museum Saturday:

The term feminazi ____

A) Is a convenient way to marginalize those who demand equality.

B) Was coined by those who want to maintain their privileged position.

c) Is on that I accept to avoid creating my own definition of feminism.

d) The clever term for a militant —-. (Word removed due to Brooklyn museum language requirements)

Part of me loathes to report on the Brooklyn Museum’s censorship of the word bitch because it means participating in a really dumb conversation. It may be news that the Museum’s education department wishes to engage an outdated philosophy that mildly abrasive language doesn’t best represent feminism, but it discredits the institution to such a level that it makes the programming not worth engaging. What kind of support does an institution lend when it doesn’t allow women to command language as they choose?

I attempted to reach the Brooklyn Museum regarding this issue and have received no comment but for this amusing response from the contact I originally sent the inquiry to:

Wow, when I got this it made me happy to say thank god I’m in IT and don’t have to answer this one. I’m going to send this on to our Press folks who are the ones that will need to respond to this.

Needless to say, I like the IT department.

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