OMG! OMG! It’s the Back of Edward Winkleman’s Head!

by Art Fag City on May 24, 2007 Events

The Back of Edward Winkleman's Head

Photograph AFC

Ever since dealer Edward Winkleman appeared on national news last week to discuss the recent 71.4 million dollar sale of Warhol’s Green Car Crash at Christies he’s been forced to suffer through adoring art mobs who hope to get a glimpse of the new star. AFC managed to get this exclusive photograph of the back of his head last night at the Momenta benefit, though as you can see the art raffle, clearly took second seat to the crowd’s knowledge of his presence.

Derek Eller Edward Winkleman Compare

I joke of course about the extent of Winkleman’s rising status as a dealer — he was not in fact mauled by the Momenta crowd last night — but that didn’t stop me from asking him about the effects of his new found TV stardom. He tells me the most visible result occurred this weekend when he was mistaken for gallerist Derek Eller. I suppose a roughly 5 inch height difference between the two isn’t really a distinguishing feature to everyone.

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