Regina Rocke at Dixon Place this Friday and Saturday

by Art Fag City on May 29, 2007 Events


Regina Rocke “I’ve Got What You Need

Performance artist Regina Rocke explains in a video titled What Black People Can Do, that she doesn’t work with the word colored, opting instead for negro princess. Seeking to help inform the general population on the contemporary achievements of negro princesses/black people Rocke runs down a list that includes having 10 babies, selling crack, making a rap album and holding down a full time job all at the same time and sporting the largest cocks of any race (an attribute she tells us she feels particular proud of.) For more detailed information on black people, your best bet is to simply attend Rocke’s lecture Friday and Saturday night at Dixon Place at 8 pm.

Editors note: We suspect there is a ticket price for the show that ranges somewhere between 10-12 dollars, but AFC offices were stumped today by Dixon Place telephone systems, which greet callers with the feel good message of “Hello Friends and neighbors!”, before listing off at least 15 different extensions to employees you probably don’t need to talk to.  Needless to say, we didn’t get through to anyone who could help us establish the cost of the tickets.

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