Together At Last: 70’s Video Art Collected for Free Viewing

by Art Fag City on July 17, 2007 Events

Dira Birnbaum, Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman, 197. Image via: e-flux

Everyone loves conceptual art, so it’s a good thing Bosko Blagojevic and Kevin Barry organized a free screening to finally bring this work to the masses. Simultaneously projected in pairs and on opposing walls, viewers will have the opportunity to experience a near reenactment of the you tube doubler, an Internet tool featured on this site about two weeks ago. Viewers may also get something much more mediative and intellectually challenging out of the experience, but I leave this postulation to the winning passage in the press release for this event, which I happen to think is quite good.

Together at Last
Sunday, July 22nd, 8 pm
Abingdon Theater Arts Complex
312 W36th St. @ 8th Ave
In the black box
Cool website: abstacted labor

Participating artists include: John Baldessari, Jonas, Valerie Export, Dara Birnbaum, Vito Acconic, and Martha Rosler

…The work will be screened in pairs, and projected two at a time on opposing screens, while viewers move about freely in the space. Furthermore, the audio tracks of each video projected, driven either percussively or melodically, will mix live to form prototypical songs. Working formally in our presentation of the work, our aim is beyond simply constructing a dual projection; it is, rather, to offer a non-nostalgic look at 70’s conceptualism, as both homage to the work of the artists featured, and a challenge to get over the 70’s—with a very strong nod to contemporary media practice.

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