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by Art Fag City on September 21, 2007 Events

I’m still up in the great white north witnessing the bizarrely warm and balmy weather. There are a number of events and news stories I haven’t been able to cover though, so here’s a recap of a few:


Screengrab AFC 

Bloomberg news reports that Metropolitan Museum of Art Director Philippe de Montebello recieved the highest compensation among top executives at U.S. nonprofit institutions last year, earning 4.56 million. This bests MoMA’s Glenn Lowry, who was paid $1.32 million. Now, I’m all for people making buckets of money, but since this sort of pay inevitably means that other employees within the institution aren’t compensated fairly, I have few problems reconciling the figures. Canadian Author Naomi Klein speaks covers this topic in No Logo. Her most recent book The Shock Doctrine is also worth picking up.


Michael Waterman, Sound Circuit, 2004.  Image courtesy Ottawa Art Gallery

For those who happen to be in Ontario in the near future, Media Povera, an exhibition curated by Emily Falvey will be on view at the Ottawa Art Gallery through November 11th. The show examines the relationship between new and old technologies in the work of Alexandre Castonguay, William Eakin, Darsha Hewitt and Stephanie Brodeur, Calum Stirling, and Michael Waterman. Michael Waterman’s Sound Circuit holds particular interest to us; an instrument created to subvert the speed and invisibility of digital networks. Of course, you’ll have to view the exhibition to figure out exactly how he does this, since your guess is as good as mine.


Image courtesy New York Art Book Fair 

Printed Matter sent out press kits this week for the NY Art Book Fair, which runs September 28th through the 30th (with a benefit preview September 27th.) Long time readers of this blog might remember the extensive coverage AFC dedicated to the fair last year — we even named the fair the number one art event of 2006. Needless to say, we’re very interested in this years participants. Highlights include over 50 more exhibitors, 18 of which will be traveling from Canada and two from the Gulf Islands.  Also, the event is FREE.

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