Press Releases Occassionally Indicate Openings this Thursday in Chelsea!

by Art Fag City on January 8, 2008 Events


Those wishing to maximize the openings they attend in one shot, would be well advised to go to Cheslea this Thursday between 6 and 8 pm. Over the last couple of days I’ve entered 100 plus listings into ArtCal the majority of them happening on the 10th. I have a few comments on shows picks, but before I get to that, an observation on press releases: The most common mistake this year seems to be forgetting to include specific opening information (ie assuming editors will know whether or not a gallery has a public reception without actually telling us). We will write to confirm any details we have question about of course –indeed in many cases this information is not listed because no reception is planned –, but remembering to include it will both give the gallery a better chance of making it into the artcal mailer, and keep me from pulling my hair out during particularly busy times.

On that note, every year we receive submissions from galleries who give us a show title and reception time, without closing or opening dates, a exhibition description, and a usable jpeg. Inevitably such galleries have a website that consists of their name only. Please remember that listings are made from the information given to us; if all we have is an opening time and a show title, we can’t fill in the fields required to upload the exhibition.

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