S.C. Squibb on Tino Sehgal

by Art Fag City on January 14, 2008 Blurb

S.C. Squibb’s brilliant feature on Tino Sehgal at Marian Goodman mimics the form of his performance while revealing an important point no other reviewer has identified: the “somebody” quoted in his work is Sehgal himself. In this light, the piece might be seen as deeply self indulgent and aggrandizing, or a rather effective and illuminating means of understanding and developing discourse around his own ideas. I tend to think the piece falls somewhere in the middle of these two poles, ultimately creating a rather banal, and dare I say, overrated work.

UPDATE Via S.C. Squibb:  the somebody’s from his show were all over the place – Veblen, Schopenhauer etc – it was my choice to use his quotes to fill those spots as an effort to draw out the contours of his confrontation with the SI. he may have quoted himself, but he didn’t do so exclusively.

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