Craigslist Ticket ReSale: The Ultimate Bar of Art Stardom

by Art Fag City on January 29, 2008 Events

Jeff Koons, Inflatable Flower and Bunny (Tall White, Pink Bunny)As if there were any question of Jeff Koon’s art stardom, this craigslist resale offer on tickets to his talk tonight with Katy Siegel at the 92nd Street Y may seal the deal. Yes, I’m easily impressed – it’s not like a sold out talk and tickets going for their original price says all that much – but who knew Jeff Koons was that interesting?

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the event. Just two weeks ago artforum diary complained about his Howdy Doody look and “old-master references mingled with self help—isms slathered with gobs of luxury-sales-style condescension.” I guess Times critic Carol Vogel didn’t challenge the artist much on any of his platitudes. This time around Koons will be speaking with critic Katy Siegel, who I trust will bring something a little more challenging to the table than what appeared to be a rather odious conversation on among other things the responsibility of the collector to conserve materials never meant to last more than a decade. Perhaps she can ask him why, with his 80 plus employees, he couldn’t have launched a better website. The site looks nice enough, but you’d think someone could have gotten it together to figure out a design that didn’t make copying the unique url for each image so difficult.

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