Click! An Experiment in Amateur Photography

by Art Fag City on April 10, 2008 Events

Screengrab AFC

On June 27th the Brooklyn Museum will launch the third and final stage of Click!; the exhibition. Curated by “you”, Click! takes it’s premise from John Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds, a book building on the premise that collective choices are often better than those of experts. As such, in early March the museum held a call for photo submissions, and this month “America votes”.

I suppose the premise is reasonable enough, though having seen the results of the last two election cycles, it becomes abundantly clear that the criteria Surowiecki describes as necessary for effective collective judgment isn’t always met in this country (this being diversity, independence, decentralizion and aggregation). I doubt meeting these requirements and proving a facile point will be too much of a problem for Brooklyn Museum, but who cares? I spent about thirty minutes reviewing seemingly countless pedestrian photos though I only needed to see about 10 to know it wasn’t worth my time. For the museum to put together a reasonable show they’d have to at least start with a few good pictures. I hope they prove me wrong, but at this point, I fear I’m going to be looking at a Best of Flickr (Brooklyn) exhibition come July.

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