Art Fair Reports Finally In

by Art Fag City on April 23, 2008 Events

Image copyright: The Armory Show 

The Armory Show sent out their fair report late afternoon yesterday, providing a little bit less information than they did last year.  For example, they don’t provide an estimate of total sales, so I guess we’ll never know if they beat 2007’s 85 million.  That said, I always thought these kinds of estimated numbers had the potential to be off by a significant amount, seeing as how the number is simply extracted from forms the fairs give out to exhibitors after the event.  From what I’m told, getting these surveys back is not easy.
Other mildly interesting information drawn from the press release includes a visitor report of 52,000, which is the same as last year.  This is the fair capacity, so I guess, there’s no real news here unless that number declines.  As a point of comparison, Pulse reported 12,000 visitors at their March fair, an increase of 2,500.   VOLTA’s attendance numbers were missing from their report.

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