Comic Con Versus The Art Fairs: The Results!

by Art Fag City on April 25, 2008 Blurb

By the end of this week Art Fag City’s Comic Con Versus The Art Fairs quiz will have either stolen or enriched roughly 40 seconds of over 12,000 people’s lives. Either way, we’re pleased! The test asks readers to identify Comic Con and Art Fair attendees; some of whom we felt looked like they could be either, others who were unmistakably from a particular demographic, and a remaining few weird art celebrity picks with some cross over potential. Probably the most amusing result from this quiz thus far comes in the number of readers who identify Eva and Adele and Jocelyn Wildenstein as video game costume freaks (roughly 45%), and amongst the more surprising, was the 89% reader success rate in identifying the over weight man in front of a bunch of crates as a comic book guy. I would have thought that number would be a lot higher!

A special thanks to Art Fag City, Vulture, GalleyCat, Drawn and Quarterly, Boing Boing, readers for participating in the test.

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