Massive Links: Slim Pickins Edition

by Art Fag City on April 28, 2008 Events

Jo Mitchell
, Photographing Girl on a Motorcycle, 1999/2007

Maybe it’s the rain, but I haven’t been dying to weigh in on today’s art news stories. If you can forgive the late start, a few links of interest below.

  • Jerry Saltz reviews the Dan Colen Nate Lowman collaboration Wet Pain at Maccarone accusing it of looking too much like other shows and calling it flippant, which is precisely the problem with this kind of ticky tack art. Certainly you can identify those who have some skill in arranging objects, but even the good work looks a little too much like everything else.
  • Despite a miss leading post title reading Paris Journal, A Break From Music, ArtsBeat the New York Times art blog, will be reporting on music when they return home from Europe. An observation worth remark: Between the New York Times and the NYTimes magazine, the publication hosts three art blogs, none of which feature significant coverage of Fine Art. You’d think between The Medium, The Moment, and ArtsBeat a little more energy could be devoted to the field – there’s certainly a lot more to talk about than art fairs, biennials, and the occasional highly priced auction item.
  • Speaking of The Medium, Virginia Heffernan writes Sepia No More for New York Magazine, discussing the flickr style photograph. “While pretty and even cute, these images are also often surreal and prurient,” says Heffernan, going on to describe the digitally manipulated photographs of Rebekka Guoleifsdottir, one of the sites most popular members. Of course, once you see the work being discussed, it’s hard to stay too interested. Amateur art has its merits, but I can’t imagine a less engaging genre than the sentimental pony photograph, or the bright commercial signage landscape that apparently dominates the site. Surely there’s more engaging activity going on there.

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