The Feds: Your Next Friend on Facebook?

by Art Fag City on April 30, 2008 Blurb + Newswire


Admittedly this has little to do with art, but who could resist republishing that headline?  The Toronto Star reports a Canadian study commissioned by the conservative party finds widespread support for Ottawa using  Web 2.0 programs and strategies to more effectively reach the population.

“Adoption of Web 2.0 applications represents an opportunity to transform the `face’ of the government of Canada, to make it appear more approachable and more responsive to Canadians,” says the report’s summary.”

Speaking to popular applications explored for use,

“The survey warns that Facebook and YouTube users log on primarily for entertainment and recreation purposes and would not expect, or necessarily want, to meet official government missives in this “private” space.”

I guess there’s some resistance on the part of Canadians in investing tax payer dollars to create a Canadian Public Service Agency fan page, or a policy status widget.

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