The Face of Rhizome Knows Only Flash Photography

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Lauren Cornell and Christopher Pappas
Executive director of Rhizome Lauren Cornell and Christopher Pappas responding surprisingly well to having had their picture taken four times.

I missed the VIP portion of Rhizome’s benefit last night, which means I have nothing but second hand reports on the honoring of artist Lynn Hershman Leeson and the founder of, Joshua Schachter. It’s too bad because I hear Lynn Hershman Leeson delivered an incredibly moving speech, though I do have this great photo essay in it’s place. I’m not much of a photographer, so my pictures weren’t taken with any objective in mind, though I hope by some fluke they capture the high spirits of the evening, and general convivial vibe. Photographs after the jump.

Francis Hwang and Michael Bell Smith
Former Rhizome technical director Francis Hwang [left] and artist Michael Bell Smith [right] faired reasonably well against my army of flash. Good work guys!

M. River of MTAA thinks he looks like a German Drill Sergeant in this picture, though I tend to think he looks more like someone who is responding to a Drill Sergeant. Naturally, I told everyone last night, “Pose or else!” .

Marcin Ramocki
Artist and Vertexlist gallery owner Marcin Ramocki sporting a very appropriate t-shirt for the evening. Don’t miss Blankly, Perfect, Summer at Vertexlist. In related news, Ramocki tells me he’s growing his hair out.

Artist Marisa Olson and Gallerist Jen Bekman
Even I have limits to the amount of bad photography I’m willing to publish on my site, and the flash photograph I took of artist Marisa Olson and gallerist Jen Bekman met them. As a result, you’re looking at one of two orange photographs taken out of necessity.

Eyebeam Executive Director Amanda McDonald Crowley and  Scott Draves
Executive Director Amanda McDonald Crowley and software programmer and artist Scott Draves. Crowley explained to me last night that AFC’s criticism kept everyone on their toes, which frankly was welcome relief to the less than positive responses I normally receive for critical feedback.

Eyebeam’s hunky research fellow Michael Mandiberg arrived even later than I did last night. Nobody held it against him.

Artist and writer Mary Flanagan and Rhizome founder Mark Tribe
Artist and writer Mary Flanagan describes a fish she found to Rhizome founder Mark Tribe.

Tom Moody and Aron Namenwirth
ComicCon or Art Fair attendee? Artist and blogger Tom Moody with artist and artMovingProjects gallery owner Aron Namenwirth.

Fred Beneson
Artist and activist Fred Benenson; exceptionally happy about having his photo taken.

Artist Ben Coonley, putting up with having his picture taken.


erik sanner May 20, 2008 at 4:17 am

what she said (text of lynn hershman leeson’s remarks):

erik sanner May 19, 2008 at 11:17 pm

what she said (text of lynn hershman leeson’s remarks):

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