A Couple Thousand Short Films About Glenn Gould

by Art Fag City on June 5, 2008 Events

Screengrab AFC 

Who doesn’t want to see A Couple Thousand Short Films About Glenn Gould?  I mean, good luck — it’s a launch for Cory Arcangel’s BOOK and his promise to play records mentioned in the text as JD Salinger — but whatever.  Even if we see no films, the premise sounds interesting enough to result in a good performance.  The event takes place at  Dexter Sinister.

Also just upstairs is the launch for A Fair To Meddling Story by Ken Okiishi & Nick Mauss with a live performance at the Ludlow 38 Kunstverein München Goethe Institut New York.  Both the Dexter Sinister and Goethe Institut event begin at 7 this Sunday, which should be really convenient for the Media Bistro crowd, who I think should really attend.

Also note this is a closing party for Dexter Sinister, the Just-In-Time Workshop & Occasional Bookstore, which will reopen September 6th.  Full event information here.

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