Illegal Billboard Workshop at Eyebeam

by Art Fag City on June 23, 2008 Events

Via: Bazzmc

Hate living in a city littered with billboard advertising? Depending on the ad and my mood that day, the answer might be yes. Those who feel particularly oppressed by capitalist society are invited to attend the and Anti-Advertising Agency’s free workshop at Eyebeam next Tuesday July 1st. Apparently over half the billboards in the city are illegal, so this lecture will teach you how to identify such advertising and get it taken down. It’s unclear from the write up if the workshop focuses on how to get rid of the ads themselves, or the billboards as well (it seems like the latter) though frankly I’m more bothered by the architectural eyesore than the alluring shoes I’m being sold.

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Facebook listing here. I assume the event is listed on eyebeam somewhere, but I can’t find it.¬† Here’s another link

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