ArtForum Video, Youtube, and Artist Permissions

by Art Fag City on July 3, 2008 · 1 comment Events

Screengrab AFC

Speaking of ArtForum Video, a friend brought up concerns within the art community, that their institutional voice might confirm or authorize videos uploaded to youtube without the artist’s permission. In other words the potential exists for ArtForum to give visibility and legitimacy to videos artists are either unhappy with, or were simply never meant to be considered in that context. No statement appears on artforum’s site regarding the issue of artist permissions; the assumption here presumably that users are fluent enough with youtube to understand it might have been uploaded without their consent. I’m not really a fan of policing the Internet, but to my mind some kind of permissions disclaimer should appear on ArtForum, since the authority of their site’s curation outweighs its source. Certainly it puts an unnecessary onus on artists who now must monitor their web presence a little more closely than they might have anticipated.

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