The AFC Authentic Commercial Art Gallery Quality Chart (As Determined by Food and Wine Cost)

by Art Fag City on September 2, 2008 Events

(Click on chart for larger size)

In light of this week’s plethora of New York openings, it seems only appropriate to release this handy chart informing art viewers what gallery food and beverage cost combination accompany the best exhibitions. Rather than go to the trouble of constructing a chart from scratch, I adapted a pre-existing visualization. Thanks to Buzzfeed for providing the Women’s Penis Preference Size Chart as the formating grid for the graph. I trust you all can ignore the giant dong shape I’ve ex’d through on the chart, as it’s not essential to the reading. It was too difficult to come up with a good reason to remove it entirely.

In opening related news, those who subscribe to the ArtCal newsletter should be pleased to learn that as the gallery season recommences over next two weeks, we will not be listing every accompanying reception. The current mailer removes a lot of that fat, providing details for openings you might actually want to attend, as opposed to, you know, every exhibition under the sun. There’s still far more this week and next than any one person can get to, but our pre-curating should help reduce some of that noise.

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