Breaking! Bad Art Still in Chelsea!

by Art Fag City on October 24, 2008 Breaking!

Mark Beard, Eva Peron Bag, 2008, Image via: ClampArt

Betty Cunningham is only serving water.?!” lamented one AFC tipster this afternoon who went on to tell me the gallery had spared the expense of hiring waiters, only to have them look completely demoralized without an alcoholic beverage in hand.  Coincidentally, the lack of art buzz proved to be something of an issue for this  tipster later on in the evening, as it might have helped him get through the “WORST” show of the evening at ClampArt.  If, as the website indicates, the work of Mark Beard is on display, I’m hardly surprised this was an issue; but then academic figurative drawing and dictator installation art has never been my thing.

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