Massive Links! Marilyn Manson and E-Flux Together at Last!

by Art Fag City on November 13, 2008 Events

Marilyn Manson, When I Get Old, 2002

  • Marilyn Manson’s exhibition Trismegistus, takes the same name as his 2004 show in Paris and Berlin, a confusing choice for the three people currently following his artistic career.  Opening during Art Basel this year at 101 Exhibit, Galerie Brigitte Schenk will present a collection his watercolors made over the past two decade.   Art in America’s critic Max Henry, who actually saw the art in person, came to the unsurprising conclusion that the work’s value was in their celebrity.   Given this, I’d be a lot more interested in this work if it were part of a group show featuring the work of musicians.  For example, Marilyn Manson’s work might be displayed along side the lead singer of the Norwegian Black Metal band Gorgoroth and convicted felon GAALH.  That’s shock value I’m actually interested in.  
  • Documentary, experimental, and avant-guard narrative film and video artists this listing is for you: Migrating forms, a grassroots endeavor that grew out of the New York Underground Film Festival has posted a call for entries.  The early deadline is December 1, 2008.
  • In other news, Studio-X, a new downtown extension of Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, located in Soho presents multimedia artist Daniel Perlin.  From the press release:

What do buildings sound like? What is the residue of a building? How do structures house the process of their construction? On November 18th, [7 pm] at Studio-X, multimedia artist DANIEL PERLIN will use screws, glue, nails, sawhorses, an audio cassette and a laptop to question work and construction as auditory processes. In “re:construction”–a layered, hour-long performance piece–Perlin will build a small house at Studio-X. Recording and manipulating samples from the construction process, he will simultaneously build a large orchestral work with rhythm, melody and harmony to be recorded onto a cassette tape in real-time. This cassette will then be housed in within this new structure as an artifact built to highlight process, and to archive the sounds of its own creation.

Perlin collaborates with the likes of Vito Acconci, Serina Basta and Matthew Buckingham.  His work was included in the New Museum’s Unmonumental exhibition last year and Storefront for Architecture’s Performances Z-A.

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