The Art Fag City Year End Fundraiser: Day Two

by Art Fag City on December 23, 2008 · 1 comment Events

Damien Hirst, For The Love of God, 2007.  Animation courtesy of AFC

Great news!  Art Fag City readers generously donated half of the blog’s $6,000 fundraising target yesterday, now represented by the Damien Hirst skull glinting above.   Reaching the $6,000 dollar mark will make both heads will glint, but  exceeding it will make the skulls rotate!  May the thrills never stop on this blog.

Those readers who missed yesterday’s post may wonder why I’m running a fundraiser, the short answer being because I need your support to maintain the amount of time and attention I put into it.  To summarize an email I sent out on the subject Monday:

  • My goal is to raise $6,000 by January 1, 2009.
  • Momenta Art has generously offered to umbrella Art Fag City under their 501-C3 status so readers can write off their donations. They process all on and offline contributions, and ensure the funds are not used for profit purposes.
  • By contributing to this fundraiser, donors are not only supporting the efforts of one blogger, but staking a claim for the value of independent blogs in a climate of mainstream media arts cutbacks.

I hate to sound like a fundraising machine but unfortunately there’s no avoiding this phrase: I still need your help to raise the remaining funds.  For those sitting on the fence, some readers may be comforted to know that plans to grow the blog have been slated for the coming year.  Primarily this means the launch of an often requested newsletter with post summations and exhibition recommendations, though, but as I mentioned on Facebook yesterday, readers can also look forward to increased twitter coverage of art events, and of course, puppy farts.

Where to donate:

Paypal donation buttons here.

A Facebook Art Fag City cause now exists so users can contribute there as well.

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