The AFC Fundraiser Blurb

by Art Fag City on January 5, 2009 Events

General Idea, Test Pattern: TV Dinner Plates, 1988, Image via: General Idea

Those concerned that posting might be suspended shortly due to should worry no longer. I’ll be announcing the full amount contributors donated to the Art Fag City fundraiser once the net numbers have been fully calculated but it seems only appropriate to let readers know the blog will continue.

Not to turn into a total sap, but it’s to hard to communicate just how touched am by the generosity of my readers. I invest a lot in this blog, but until forced, it never occurred to me to ask anyone else to do the same. The number of people who contributed even though it was hard to do so, all the while explaining how they wished it could be more, leaves me without words.  At least for this post.  An animated Damien Hirst diamond skull gif will follow when the total amount raised is official (hopefully tomorrow).

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