Best of the Web, 2008, Contributor’s Choice Part Two of Six

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Justin Kemp, Pseudoevent, 2008, Screengrab AFC

The Best of the Web 2008 Contributor’s Choice continues today.  The series features the year’s best links as defined by contributors, Part One posted yesterday.  Two invitees are included in each post (unless listed otherwise), and the feature includes the following people:

Liam McEneaney comedian, citizen

Camille Paloque-Bergès, PHD candidate and Teaching Assistant in Information Science and Communication at the Laboratoire Paragraphe

Kevin Bewersdorf, artist

John Michael Boling, internet user / artist / jmb

Magda Sawon, Owner of Postmasters Gallery New York

Kari Altmann, artist

Ceci Moss, Rhizome Senior Editor and Blogger

Tom Moody, artist

Javier Morales, artist

Marcin Ramocki, Artist/filmmaker

Jon Williams, Free software developer

Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Film and Video, MoMA

Meet Kevin Bewersdorf and John Michael Boling!


Kevin Bewersdorf, artist

    I particularly enjoy Joel Holmberg’s work with Making a kind of open forum poetry, Joel poses rhetorical questions to a site where everyone has an opinion but nobody has any answers. The wound of the question is opened without any possibility of its healing, and must therefore be accepted as unanswered as we helplessly watch the question bleed into the web.
    Michael Smith has never had a website before this year, but with the touring of his first museum retrospective there is finally this online catalog of his video, performance, and installation work of the past 30 years.
    Who made this site? Is there an author or is the error the author? Is there something there or nothing there? That’s why I like it.
    Club Internet revolutionized the way I saw surf clubs this year, and this edition organized by Guthrie Lonergan caught my eye as a “special teams” operation. Even the clubs have no borders — previously known increments can be grabbed from other clubs and sites, and framed as a new cohesive statement, a non-verbal web essay.
    I hope it is seen as honest and not vain for me to mention a surf club that I am a member of, but I just can’t leave it out from this list — I had so many great exchanges this year with my fellow INFOmonks. This post by Deeper had me excited for a couple days.
  • GOOD NEWS FOLKS pdf newsletter
    This weekly email newsletter made my day every Thursday of 2008 — I was often found rolling on the floor with laughter at Ethan Hayes-Chute’s personal to-do lists, rustic bitmaps, recipes, phony advice columns, and three sentence short stories. All 52 issues are set to come out as a printed book from One Star Press this spring.
  • VVORK Twitter
    I was never a close follower of [editors note: vvork is a website that posts artwork, usually without any explanatory text] but ever since vvork twitter began I was hooked and have not even once returned to the regular vvork. One step higher than vvork’s incomplete summaries is this complete summary. After vvork twitter, why would we need vvork? I have thought about this work extensively, both at and away from my computer, and found its existence to starkly shed light upon the frailties and misdirections of this limited marketplace we live in. I thank Tom Moody for continuing Guthrie Lonergan’s simple and poignant work.

John Michael Boling, internet user / artist / jmb

  • google street view vanJoe McKay This Google “steet view” van image is created entirely from reflections of the van in store windows in San Francisco. Utterly sublime.
  • Eye WhiteJames Whipple – This made me realize that even though humanity’s future will likely be bleak, it might simultaneously be beautiful.


Jon Williams January 6, 2009 at 6:48 pm

That James Whipple (jesus christ how many jw names are in this circle) video takes some health inspiration from the “with electric sounds” series of youtubes:

soooooo goood

Jon Williams January 6, 2009 at 1:48 pm

That James Whipple (jesus christ how many jw names are in this circle) video takes some health inspiration from the “with electric sounds” series of youtubes:

soooooo goood

Sync January 20, 2011 at 3:08 pm is Google in an animated rotation (spinning around, even works in IE) and has another 100 effects to play with.
You can change to any website like (backwards Google)

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