Best of the Web 2008 Contributors Choice Part Three of Six

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Justin Kemp, PsuedoEvent, 2008

The Best of the Web 2008 Contributor’s Choice continues today. The series features the year’s best links as defined by contributors, Part One posted yesterday and Part Two earlier today. Two invitees are included in each post (unless listed otherwise), and the feature includes the following people:

Liam McEneaney comedian, citizen

Camille Paloque-Bergès, PHD candidate and Teaching Assistant in Information Science and Communication at the Laboratoire Paragraphe

Kevin Bewersdorf, artist

John Michael Boling, internet user / artist / jmb

Magda Sawon, Owner of Postmasters Gallery New York

Kari Altmann, artist

Ceci Moss, Rhizome Senior Editor and Blogger

Tom Moody, artist

Javier Morales, artist

Marcin Ramocki, Artist/filmmaker

Jon Williams, Free software developer

Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Film and Video, MoMA

Meet Kari Altmann and Magda Sawon!

Kari Altmann


  • – Salem’s myspace Salem is not the only project of this interdisciplinary group of friends and their surrounding network, but it is the flagship. These songs have been anthems all year long, including their sweetest “Redlights” and “Asia”  Their myspace will lead you to all their related links, which exist together cohesively. 2008 saw an album release, a video, online updates and new songs. See also: John Holland, Young Cream
  • Netmares Netdreams. I hope it’s okay to list something that I had a hand in creating because it’s completely sincere. Credit goes to the list of participating artists, surfers, and performers which should be its own link in this list. I’m really glad Club Internet came out this year too, I think both projects are testing out and creating new possibilities for art and I look forward to watching them develop with all their similarities and differences.  I hope new platforms continue to be created in this post surf club environment and that the artists and audience continue to benefit from the exchange between them all.
  • Why and Wherefore’s “up to 11”
    Some favorites, some new discoveries, overall worth keeping bookmarked. Credit to the curators for getting a lot of these artists to put their videos on Vimeo and listing them all on one page.
  • Thunder Jam 5 Video – Discovered mostly through myspace, seen live twice this year, his 2008 evolution (shaved head, plainclothes, rawer performance) lead to a newly relevant but still funny and thrashable live show.  He’s my pick of the tranceswamp crowd for “most improved” and “most cathartic”, which this video displays better than his myspaceDre Skull, who produced a lot of Juiceboxx’s most fun songs, deserves half of the credit.  Tranceswamp: see also: Pictureplane, Shams, Sewn Leather

Magda Sawon

Magda Sawon, Owner of Postmasters Gallery New York

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