Uri Aran at Rivington Arms

by Art Fag City on January 19, 2009 · 7 comments Blurb + Events

Uri Aran, Untitled, video still, 2008, DVD, 6 minutes Rivington Arms

“Baryshnikov is the greatest dancer in the world”, a man dutifully recites for artist Uri Aran. “Baryshnikov is the greatest dancer to have ever lived. Barshnikov is the greatest dancer…ever.”   These are just a few accolade variations the speaker pictured above came up with when directed to describe Barshnikov’s astounding talent in one sentence.  After about 30 minutes — a time lapse revealed in the 6 minute loop when the camera pans around the sound studio to show the recording duration on the sound file — the professional stumbles a bit.   The smooth voice never cracks, but hesitation and loss for words fracture the authority of the sound bite.   There are no surprises in this scenario — of course the orator stumbles, of course the truth of his statement gradually seems as though it might be flawed — and yet the experience feels unique.   In fact, the experience feels just about right.

Uri Aran’s Untitled video is part of a larger solo show titled Geraniums at Rivington Arms on display through January 25th.  This will be the gallery’s final exhibition.

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