Jock Strap Art Challenges Ready-to-Wear Ideologues!

by Art Fag City on February 3, 2009 Newswire

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Colin Corbett, Strapped,2009

Sensing an unanswered demand in the jock strap market,  artist Colin Corbett created a line of protective underwear unlikely to perform well with pants.   Inspired by his own stock phrase, ‘oh, he’s got his diamante jockstrap on inside out.’ the artist decided to create a more comfortable, yet still almost completely unwearable design.   Silence has been returned by the Ready-To-Wear fashion community.

His exhibition Strapped, which was on view at the new exhibition at London College of Communication (LCC), makes no mention of performance, though I would think this medium natural to explore.  At the very least, a work in this vein would re-enforce the current move away from getting completely naked while in a gallery.  Via: lcc arts and ss.

This exhibition closed Friday January 30th.

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