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by Art Fag City on February 11, 2009 Events

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Documentation of Brandeis Student’s Rose Museum Intervention, Photograph Thomas Ahn

Two weeks after Brandeis University announces it will sell the Rose Art Museum collection due to a budget short fall, news continues to pour in.  Two highlights amongst many:

  • The Boston Globe has a good summary of The Town Hall meeting held by The Rose museum director Michael Rush, who also delivers the star quote of the evening

“We are self sufficient,” [Rush] said. “What needs to be maintained is Brandeis. The only money the university gives the museum is money for lights and electricity. My guess is whatever they do with the museum will use lights and electricity. Closing the museum does not save Brandeis university one penny.”

  • Brandeis students at Speak Clearly aren’t happy about the University’s decision to sell its art.  Look to their blog for full coverage of the student intervention that took place yesterday.   Making a strong visual and textual statement, Rose Museum ATM signs were posted  through out the campus.  I wonder how long these signs will stay in their current position before the University removes them.

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