Art Fag City at Alt Wire: Surf Club Edition

by Art Fag City on March 16, 2009 · 1 comment Events

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I supplied a collection of recent artist surf club highlights over at AltWire.  Don’t miss the novelty testicles!  The teaser below:

What are surf clubs?  Put simply, they are group blogs in which a small number of artists surf the web for images, videos and other ephemera, and re-post the material with varied amounts of manipulation.  In short, they are an internet artist's sketchbook, and generally very fun to peruse. Here are a few recent highlights:

Spirit Surfers: Spirit surfers divide their posts loosely into two sections, The Boon, which typically host the found material, and The Wake, a field below where they show how they got there.  In this case, The Boon is NOT work safe, and the wake arguably so. (Post by Seneca/2)

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