33 Outstanding Artists Emerging After 1999: In Summary

by Art Fag City on May 4, 2009 Events

Wendy White, Flappy, 2008, Acrylic on four canvases, steel, aluminum, cement, foam, 70 x 72 x 9 inches. Image via: The artist.  Wendy White is represented by Leo Koenig in New York and Galeria Moriarty in Madrid

We published parts one, two and three of our “33 Outstanding Artists Emerging After 1999” last week, but this post consolidates the names.  Admittedly, art critic Jerry Saltz — whose list inspired our own — did best us on this point: he included more women than men.  Ours reflects a curatorial gender bias toward men we’d like to move away from.   The AFC artist emerging artist below.

2nd CannonsRichard AldrichHernan Bas, Kevin Bewersdorf, Walead Beshty, Saul ChernickPeter CoffinBen Coonley,  Delusional Downtown Divas, Claire FontaineJonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Brent GreenWynne Greenwood and K8 HardyMarc HandelmanZach Harris, Lisa Kirk, Annika Larsson, Jason Lazarus, Michael MahalchickKris Martin, Rosalind Nashashibi, Sarah OppenheimerTrevor Paglen, Laura Parnes, Alix PearlsteinDana Schutz, Melanie Schiff, Dasha ShishkinPaul Slocum, Jack StrangeGarth Weiser, Wendy White, Artur Zmijewski

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