Venice Biennale: Padiglione D’Exposizione

by Art Fag City on July 8, 2009 Events

Art Fag City will not review everything we saw in Venice and Basel. It’s a physical impossibility. But, boy do we have slide shows! Today’s album provides highlights from the Padiglione D’Exposizione, which was one of the most successful aspects of curator Daniel Birnbaum’s Making Worlds exhibition.

Over the next few days we will post approximately two weeks worth of intense flickr management. Readers not familiar with the embedded slideshow format are encouraged to use the full screen function, as this is the easiest way to view all captioning information. Also look forward to one or two final posts reflecting on Venice and various Basel highlights. The AFC European tour won’t be complete without more opinion!

Art Fag City would like to thank the Flog for their generous technical support. Many of the pictures appearing on this blog would not exist without their help.

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