Andy Warhol Produces Long Lost Musical Play By John Phillips (1975)

by Art Fag City on August 4, 2009 Blurb

A shot from the production Man on the Moon

Lead singer and songwriter for the Mama’s and Papas, musician John Phillips, by his own admission injected drugs into his body almost every fifteen minutes between 1973-75.  Miraculously, he lived.  He also somehow managed to put together Man on the Moon, a play produced with Andy Warhol—though not surprisingly, all accounts tell us it wasn’t any good.  Dangerous Minds blogger Richard Metzger publishes the full history of the production taken from the liner notes of the Man on the Moon CD release, which, given the documentation, may be far more interesting than the product itself. Undoubtedly our favorite tidbit from this account is Phillips’ claims that George Lucas stole ideas from the play to make Star Wars.  Unfortunately, liner note authors Chris Campion and Jeffrey A. Greenberg don’t elaborate on the validity of these claims but there’s still enough auxiliary information packed in this post to make it well worth the read.

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