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by Art Fag City on August 27, 2009 Events

Spencer Finch, The River That Flows Both Ways, 2007, rendering.

I wrote a piece on a few of Creative Time’s latest projects for NYPress.  The teaser below.

IT'S 10 A.M. AND Anne Pasternak, president of the 33-year-old public art organization Creative Time, is listing the tasks she's already completed for the day.

“I sat on my yoga mats, went to the bank, sent my daughter a care package, wrote a grant”—she paused briefly before cheerily continuing—“sent three thank you letters and did all my emails for the day.”

So far, I'd only made it to the High Line to meet Pasternak. Creative Time is responsible for The River That Flows Both Ways, an installation on the newly land scaped train tracks by Brooklyn-based glass artist Spencer Finch.While not as sexy as David Byrne's popular Playing the Building installed last year in the Battery Maritime Building, it does enliven an otherwise difficult to program space. Selected from five short listed proposals, Finch's work references both the natural movement of the Hudson River and the railroad once on the High Line.

To read the full piece click here.

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