Top Administrators Leave Brandeis University

by Art Fag City on October 2, 2009 Newswire


The Rose Museum

Following Brandeis University President Jehuda Reinharz's resignation last week, the university’s paper Greg Cook susses out a report in The Justice one month prior detailing the departure of other key administrators. Those figures include Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Peter French who will depart this academic year, Dean of Admissions Gil Villanueva, Senior Vice President for Communications Lorna Miles and Vice President of Financial Affairs Maureen Murphy.

Greg Cook spoke to Brandeis spokes person Dennis Nealon who denied any correlation between the museum’s threats to shutter the Rose Museum and the recent departure of key staff,

“While that decision and the process back in January has been much publicized, people have to remember that nothing has changed.” This seems to overlook, for example, that Rose Director Michael Rush and an administrative manager were forced out. But Nealon continues, “There has been no ultimate decision to close the museum or part with any of the artworks there. ”¦ Lost in all of this is we're talking about an initial decision process, but not acted on as a result of that decision. Which was retracted and reviewed, and is still being reviewed. But nothing has happened, nothing has changed.”

Of course, if there was really as little change as Nealon suggests, I’m quite sure the Rose Board of Overseers and the University could settle their disputes out of court.

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