Taking the Road Less Traveled at Zoo

by Art Fag City on October 16, 2009 Events


Artist Unknown, part of the Film as a Subversive Art program at the Zoo Fair. Photo AFC

As a general rule of thumb, art fairs do well to keep videos depicting transvestite sodomy out of the way so they aren’t the first work a viewer sees. It’s not a good introduction to a fair no matter who the artist, and if the work’s executed poorly (and it was) the film casts a negative light on the rest of the show. Such was my experience with the Zoo Fair, though in their defense, the student film zone is situated near the end of a warehouse complex. It probably won’t be amongst the first rooms most visitors see, unlike me, for some unfortunate luck. Those readers inclined to take the road less traveled however, should consider this post a word of warning. Such roads are likely provide a rougher ride than anticipated at Zoo.

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