BHQF’s Happy Endings At The W Hotel

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I probably don’t share the extent of Bruce High Quality Foundation‘s optimism for art, but their dedication is so fierce that I’m frequently moved by it. Happy Endings at The W Hotel in Miami provides the most recent example of this, their videos in photocopy machines, giant globes, and pools filling what appears to be an empty corporate boardroom. My favorite piece rests as the tv-screen head above a dentist examining chair, the song and lyrics of Summer of 69 playing along side its slideshow of key art historical moments. Shots of feminist Carolee Schneeman’s performances, the Guerrilla Girls protests, and people treading through Allan Kaprow’s tires, document the care and hopefullness each of these artists had for art. Like Bruce High Quality Foundation, they expected art to move and change people. That’s a tall order for art, but when it happens, there’s nothing else like it.

We highly recommend seeing this show.

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Anonymous June 9, 2011 at 2:33 pm

The footage offers from Carolee Schneeman women girls and protests bands, and people stomping through the windows of Allan Kaprow and documenting care and hopefullness each of these artists for art.

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