AFC Talks to MSNBC: Is Foursquare the New Facebook?

by Art Fag City on March 17, 2010 Newswire

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Image via: MSNBC

Why don’t I get more opportunities like this? Thanks to MSNBC for granting me the privilege of complaining to a national audience about why the art world's disinterest in technology is a major inconvenience in my life. Helen A.S. Popkin’s MSNBC article “Is Foursquare the New Facebook” describes foursquare to the olds, and quotes me about why I’d want to use a popular social media tool that marries GPS and cell phone technology. Long answer short? If my friends all used the application (and they don’t) it would be easier to meet up with more of them during mass gallery openings. I suggest reading the long of it though. Popkin is quite funny, and the article explains foursquare well.

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