[Sponsor] Atelier 4, Moving Art Forward

by Art Fag City on March 19, 2010 Sponsor


Art Fag City would like to thank fine art transport experts Atelier 4 for their support of our ongoing Art Handling Olympics coverage. The Art Handling Olympics takes place 3:00 pm this Sunday, March 21st at Ramiken Crucible.

Atelier 4 has twenty years of dedication and a commitment to meeting the challenges facing their industry. They offer the best in exhibition care and logistics. From their beginning as a pioneer of consolidated fine art transport services, they continue to raise the bar in all aspects of art handling, transportation and project management: custom crafted art cratesinstallationsupervised air freight forwardingcustoms import brokerageclimate control storage — all executed in-house by their staff and with their own specialized equipment and vehicles.

Atelier 4 has offices and storage in New York and Miami.

Visit their website at www.atelier4.com. Get more information at info@atelier4.com or call 718.433.3500

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