BEST LINK EVER! Going Down the Shore

by David Harper on July 2, 2010 Best Link Ever!

A snapshot from Atlantic City. Visit Tony Boloney's Pizza!

Long before your grandmother ever heard the words MTV and Jersey Shore, the location was home to the tacky, the weird, and the bizarre. So for this holiday weekend's Best Link Ever!!! I bring you a double dose of shore oddities in the form of video classics and pizza parlors.

First up: Wildwood, NJ, 1994. Often compared to the cult classic film, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, this relatively well known video has been a long time favorite. Shot on Super 8 film by an all-female crew walking along the town’s famous and notoriously trashy boardwalk, you encounter girls who make Snooki look like Hilary Duff.

Second stop: Thirty miles north of Wildwood, rests Atlantic City, “America's Favorite Playground” and home of Tony Boloney's Pizza. Past the strombolis and cheesteaks and subs, look for the hidden gem: the Erotic Pizza menu (NSFW). Nothing says classy like pizzas and wings shaped like lady-and-or-man-parts, or of course, the Jersey Shore! Fistpump! Happy Fourth of July!

David Harper maintains Art Fag City's Best Link Ever! column, and is the blog's Curatorial Fellow. Harper is the Visual Arts Curator forĀ The Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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