Art Fag City at The L Magazine: Missed Connections at The Kitchen

by Paddy Johnson on July 21, 2010 The L Magazine

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Installation view of The Absolutely Other at The Kitchen

This week at The L Magazine I review The Absolutely Other at The Kitchen. The piece picks up on last week’s discussion of participating artist Nancy Hwang’s work, this time taking a broader look at the show as a whole. The teaser below.

Daniel Bozhkov's hilarious photograph of Darth Vader purifying the black sea with a Britta filter drew me to The Kitchen's exhibition space. It has no relationship to The Absolutely Other (through August 7), a show of artwork employing strangers in various capacities, but a friend sent me the picture while noting his work was currently in the exhibit. Between that and a tiny royal chair I liked of his at Basel Miami this year, I figured I should see more.

Like many exhibitions I visit because there's an artist included I happen to like, the show itself mostly amounts to nothing interesting. Eight small island-like installations dot the gallery, and the video-heavy selection curated by Miriam Katz looks better than it plays out. The install is good, but neither of the two competing video pieces uses headphones, so nothing can be heard properly.

To read the full piece click here.

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