Call For Submissions: The Sound of Art, Celebrating Five Years of Art Sounds in New York

by Art Fag City on August 11, 2010 Opportunities

Petra Cortright, Excepter, Shots Ring screenshot, 2009

Art Fag City is celebrating its 5-year anniversary with one big project, The Sound of Art, and we need your submissions!

The Sound of Art is a documentation of the sounds heard in galleries, museums, and project spaces in New York over the past five years in the form of a DJ battle record, CD, and MP3 recording. If you've participated in a multimedia exhibition over the last five years in either Brooklyn or Manhattan we want you to submit your sounds!

Um, what's a DJ battle record?
Typically on vinyl, the record is a compilation of brief sound clips DJ's use in turntable competitions. Battling DJ's use the same battle record to challenge each other to make the most innovative mixes. Records with rare music clips or obscure recordings usually have more value, making this DJ tool all the more coveted.

Stocked with diverse art sounds, such as art video sound clips and installation specific composed pieces, The Sound of Art will evoke memories of gallery and museum hopping in New York over the past five years. The record is a battle between boroughs in itself, with A side Manhattan sounds and B side Brooklyn sounds. All of this leading to the great question: Which borough will have the best sounds of art?

Who is participating?

Amongst the already confirmed participants are Moyra Davey (Murray Guy), Jennie C. Jones (Sikkema Jenkins), Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller (Lurhing Augustine), Eli Hansen (Macaronne Gallery), Petra Cortright (Vertexlist), Damien Catera (Hogar Collection), Shannon Plumb (at Sara Meltzer), Ted Riederer (at Marianne Boesky) Lovid and more!

How do I know my work will sound good?
Matt “Madly” Azzarto will produce the record at Think Tank Studio, which has seen a lot of amazing musicians, including Matt himself, Don Fleming, Sonic Youth, and Byorn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John. Plus, Phillip Neimeyer, art director for bands like Spoon and AFC tattoo designer, will do the cover art for the album.

Fundraiser money will be directed to United Press Recordings for the pressing of the record, and we are currently talking with institutions like the New Museum for a space to hold a panel discussion about the project with artists, critics, and musicians. The record will be heard in action at the unveiling party at Santos Party House on November 18th where DJs will mix the records live and bands that blur the lines between art and music will play all night.

Send us your submissions!
Here's where we need you! If you have been in a gallery or museum exhibition over the last five years with a noise soundtrack, or you are a part of a gallery or collective that has a relevant exhibition, send us your submissions by September 3rd, 2010. Note, the sounds must be from a work that was exhibited in the past five years or is currently being shown in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Contact Art Fag City at using the headline Sound of Art Submission. Please include the following information:

  • The location and date your sound work was performed/exhibited
  • Audio or video documentation of your work not exceeding five minutes.
  • The names and contact information for any collaborators who participated in your project.

We're looking forward to hearing what you've got! The Sound of Art battle is on!

Credit: View Petra Cortright’s video for Excepter video here.

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