Rob Pruitt: Pattern and Degradation

by Art Fag City on September 1, 2010 Reviews

Rob Pruitt: Pattern and Degradation
Date: Saturday, September 11th 2010Saturday, October 23rd 2010
Venue: Gavin Brown, 620 Greenwich Street

Rob Pruitt’s latest exhibition commands so much space it’s worth going to see for the real estate spectacle alone. Taking over both GBE’s newly expanded space and neighboring gallery Macaronne, Pattern and Degradation draws inspiration from the Amish concept of Rumspringa. Most famously explored in the 2002 documentary Devil’s Playground, Rumspringa describes the tradition in which Amish teenagers experience and embrace the modern world for a period of two years — typically in excess — causing them to willingly choose a more restrained religious life. In Pruitt’s world, Rumspringa lasts forever. This exhibition includes paintings, self portraits, silkscreened t-shirts and more.

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