Help The Sound of Art Fundraiser Reach $5,000 by Monday!

by Paddy Johnson on September 23, 2010 Sound of Art

Cliff Evans, (engineered by Gabriel Moylan), “Empyrean”, 2008, 5-Channel video projection with computer playback, (Empyrean, Luxe Gallery)

Hello late afternoon Sound of Art posting!  Want a record filled with the sounds of art videos, performances, and installations? Give to our campaign so that we can make this happen!

Good news on the donor front — we’ve made over $3,700! Over $1,500 was raised on Tuesday alone. People really wanted that Marcin Ramocki poster we offered that day! Now to set a new goal: Let’s top $5,000 by Monday!

Thanks to Shana Mouton’s logo post we have a number of new readers coming from Jezebel, Good Magazine, and Metafilter, who may have noticed we’re mid funding drive. I’d like to encourage those who like what they’re reading to donate. While this Kickstarter fundraiser may be going to a specific project, it also helps Art Fag City to bring our readers the best news, and reviews, as well as artists projects like IMG MGMT. Every $10 donation helps us to realize our goals.

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