Get Your Tickets Now! The Sound of Art Debuts At Santos Party House November 18th

by Paddy Johnson on November 3, 2010 Events

Mikey IQ Jones

Have I got a good time planned for you. As many of you may remember, I closed the Sound of Art Kickstarter campaign after having raised over 11,000 dollars to produce a record filled with the sounds from art installations, videos and performances across the city. That record will be ready November 18th, so I’m holding a launch party at Santos Party House to celebrate!

This is no small deal. The release coincides with AFC’s fifth year anniversary, so we’ve invited Yellow Tears, Behavior, Mikey IQ, Corrupt Autopilot and Piano Belly (Michael Jurin of Stellastarr*) put the record into action. Also performing is Nick Hallett, Hide The Knives, Dubknowdub, Damian Catera, Tyler Jacobsen and Christopher Exit, and Enoch: A.L.N., for a total of eight pulsating hours, 7PM to 3AM. Comedian Julian Stockdale will host.

I’m pasting the official press release below, but given the response rate via facebook, I’m encouraging those who wish to attend to purchase advance tickets online now. Past saving five bucks on the entrance ticket, we already have 165 RSVPs and that’s before having announced the event officially on the blog or other outlets. We expect the venue will be packed, which is as it should be. These bands are going to kick it!

A release party for The Sound of Art, a limited edition vinyl LP composed of sounds heard in New York galleries, museums, and project spaces. Watch Yellow Tears, Behavior, Mikey IQ, Piano Belly (Michael Jurin of Stellastarr*), and more put the record into action. Comedian Julian Stockdale to host!

November 3, 2010 What does art sound like in the hands of musicians and other creative folk? Find out Thursday, November 18th at Santos Party House, with Art Fag City blogger Paddy Johnson. She will be presenting a night of non-stop mixing, sampling, and mashing at the launch of the limited-edition vinyl record The Sound of Art. Produced with the generous support of nearly 200 donors and inspired by classic DJ battle records, the record features over forty tracks of donated sounds culled from art video, performance footage, and kinetic sculptures over the past five years. With Manhattan tracks on side A and Brooklyn on side B, Johnson asks ten different performers to show audiences just how much variation exists within The Sound of Art. Comedian Julian Stockdale will host.

The record itself is a fragmented sound document of the last five years of art in the city. Audio clips were collected from venues ranging from major museums to shoestring project spaces. You’ll hear difficult electronics, sounds of stampeding animals, Hebrew prayer, a children’s carousel, and a hundred carpenters pounding 10,000 nails. The record also features field recordings by guitar genius John Fahey and archival sound pieces by the pioneering conceptualist Lawrence Weiner. There’s an iPod drum circle and thoughts on nostalgia. And also a monkey with cymbals.

What musicians will do with these sounds promises to be just as varied. Electroacoustic improvisation masters Yellow Tears will headline with their Three Heads Underwater Experience. Known for meticulously warped sample manipulations and intensely physical performances, the band has played everywhere from the Whitney Museum to No Fun Fest and Secret Project Robot. Also performing is Behavior, an experimental pop band that frequently releases on cassette tape, and composer Mikey IQ Jones (also of Brown Wing Overdrive), who will be the sole percussionist of the night. The prolific Piano Belly — Michael Jurin of Stellastarr* — will put his extensive knowledge of music, remixing, and soundtrack work to the test, as will indie folk band Corrupt Autopilot.

From Gothenburg, Sweden via Chicago, Hide The Knives — featured on the album — will provide a live demonstration of how grunge rock pairs with art, while “interplanetary noise improv duo” Dubknowdub takes care of the alien contingent for the night. The pair promises to use The Sound of Art album in conjunction with a metal shopping cart strapped with contact mics and a car battery: both a performance instrument and their “tour van.”

Also featured on the record are the sounds of Tyler Jacobsen and Chris Anderson. Jacobsen will perform mass-media detoxification with Cathode-Ray Ministries accomplice Christopher Exits (Chris Anderson), presenting a piece that attempts to “reverse the onset of electronic symbiosis and dismantle the viewers electro-chemical interdependence on televised and networked media.” Bloggers beware.

Enoch: A.L.N. is a collection of self-described sound destroyers and light overlords from Brooklyn in the new musical genre of “gauze.” Its members are artists Michael Mahalchick, Rebecca Gaffney, Jon Williams, and a rotating cast of chums. Composer, curator, and vocalist-extraordinaire Nick Hallett will perform; his recent projects include an electronic chamber opera with artist Shana Moulton and a new record release for his synth-pop duo the Plantains titled “Career Retrospective.” Sound of Art artist Damian Catera will kick off the evening by electronically manipulating the sounds of the album through custom algorithms.

As was detailed during the fundraising campaign, this is a collaborative project, materialized by hundreds of donations, through Kickstarter or in the form of skills and time (and often both). The Sound of Art would not be possible without the help of these people:

Project Manager Michelle Halabura has been working from Art Fag City headquarters since last spring to make The Sound of Art a reality; Matt Madly Azzarto at Think Tank Studio produced the record; Phillip Niemeyer of Double Triple conceived and designed the album cover and all related promotional material; Celebrated performance and video artist Michael Smith has created a limited edition screen print of 50 in response to the sounds on the album, available for $300; Artist Ben Coonley produced our promotional video; Fundraising Consultant Sarah Landreth and BAM visual art curator David Harper donated their time and skills advising on both the campaign and the fundraiser.


Andre Avelas (Abrons Art Center), Petra Cortright (Internet), Jennie C. Jones, (Sikemma Jenkins) Moyra Davey, (Orchard47) Elias Hansen (Maccarone), Ted Riederer (Marianne Boesky), Cliff Evans (Luxe Gallery), LoVid, (LMCC), Marcin Ramocki (MOMA), Shannon Plumb (Sarah Melzer Gallery), Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, (Luhring Augustine), John Fahey (AVA), Miriam Stern (Yeshiva University), Jennifer Schmidt (Elizabeth Foundation Project Space), Carolina A. Miranda (Armory show), Tyler Jacobsen and Chris Anderson (Canada), Tom Thayer (White Columns), Luke Murphy (Canada), Joel Holmberg (New Museum), Lawrence Weiner (Whitney Museum), Laura Parnes, (Participant Inc), Brainstormers (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center).

Aron Namenwirth (artMovingProjects), Damien Catera (Hogar Collection), Andy Graydon (LMAK Projects), Sonny Smith (Cinders Gallery), Paul Slocum (artMovingProjects), Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn (Louis V. E.S.P.), Eric Laska (Diapason), Elena Wen (AIR Gallery), Joe McKay (Vertexlist), Heather Dewey-Hagborg (Issue Project Room), Peter Dobill (English Kills), Douglas Henderson (Pierogi), Robert McNeill (MonkeyTown), Erick Zuenskes (Real Fine Arts), Wayne Hodge (Fivemyles), Ranjit Bhatnagar and Nick Yulman (Coney Island Museum), Lara Kohl (PS 1), Mike Koller and MTAA (McCarren Park).

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